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PPFF #169: Callipygian

Good morning,

“We didn’t shoot ourselves in the foot, we shot ourselves in the head.”

– Conservative MP Nigel Evans on 2017 UK general election resulting in hung parliament.

I’m pretty sure this is all everyone’s going to talk about throughout today; so I’ll let you all just get on with it, but leave you with a word of the day, which may or may not take your mind off of yet another election fiasco.

Callipygian – having beautiful buttocks – from Ancient Greek κάλλος (kállos) meaning beauty, and πυγή (pugḗ) meaning buttocks, referring to the Roman statue of very naked Venus Callipyge (originally Aphrodite Kallipygos).

If you’re going to be lewd and vulgar when describing someone’s body part(s), I suggest that you at least be articulate.

Have a good Friday