PPFF #151: HNY

Happy ‘new’ year!

Hope you’ve all had a good break over Christmas and NYE. 2017. Indeed it is a new year.

Not to burst your bubbles but Year 2017 is likely to be just as miserable/great/rubbish/ok as 2016. Feel free to prove me wrong or answer this question – how different was 2016 from 2015?

Great, now that we’re on the same page, here’s the first quick fact of the year. Did you know the word ‘oxymoron’ is an oxymoron? Derived from the ancient Greek, ‘oksus’ meaning sharp/keen and ‘moros’ meaning dull/stupid. Just like we pretend that each and every new year is new but in fact it is the same old but a different year. In this sense, the term ‘happy new year’ is a rather cruel, sarcastic semantic oxymoron. If you know me personally, don’t greet me that way.

Have a great start to the year nonetheless.