PPFF #146: Jobs

Good morning,

Apologies for late delivery but I had some technical difficulties.

I’ll be short and sweet – I came across this article titled: Why People Quit Their Jobs. The reasons stated were obvious and it didn’t have any surprising reason we wouldn’t know. But it had the following obvious facts worth re-noting and particularly useful if you happen to be a hiring manager:

  • Job hunting jumps by 6% around work-anniversaries.
  • Job hunting jumps 12% just before birthdays.
  • Job hunting jumps 16% after reunions of sorts.

So, when LinkedIn sends you that message about your connections to ‘congratulate’ them on ‘x’ number of years at whatever company, LinkIn knows what they’re doing; they’re using you to remind them that they need to look for a new job, preferably through LinkedIn.

Read the full article here.

Have a good friday.