PPFF #124

Good morning,

I’ve counted the total words in the past few PPFFs and couldn’t help noticing there are just too many, averaging at 450 words per piece. Of course that’s wonderful if you’re trying to fill up to the word limit for your primary school essay on why your pet bunny died and what it means for you, but if you’re trying to get busy people to read about a fact quickly, probably not the best length to keep to. So here it is, with a minimum amount of waffle, this morning’s fact:

I heard that the online retailer which eventually became Amazon.com was first attempted to be registered as Cadabra.com (as in Abra Cadabra) but it was changed quickly to Amazon when the founder’s lawyer misheard it to be cadaver.com (a very different website I imagine). In retrospect it was probably a smart move; with Amazon being the largest and most extensive river in the world, it wasn’t a bad (albeit kitschy) metaphor for the aspirations for an online retailer trying to reach all corners of the world. ‘Cadaver’ on the other hand, well, you know.

Those of you whose curiosity goes a little further than the rest might have wondered what sort of stuff is sold at “cadabra.com”; so I have already taken the liberty to google that for you – a bit of a damp squib but the search returns the following:

“This site can’t be reached

http://www.cadabra.com’s server DNS address could not be found.


The closet thing I could find was “cadabra.co.nz/”, which is a graphic designer’s website.

And cadaver.com? Well, it couldn’t be reached either. Who knows, perhaps it’s already been and gone.

Have a good Friday.