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PPFF #120

Good morning,

After the fairly drawn-out contrived piece of writing on atypically weak etymologies barely substantiated by two dubious sources failed to capture people’s imagination last week, I thought perhaps I would chill out and take it easy this week. So, when I first thought this week everyone would be so eager to find out the results of a recent study by the University of Leipzig which concluded that one’s birth order is a major determining factor of what or who one becomes later in their life, I had to stop and think twice about it. Then I decided to go ahead anyway. But I’ll keep it short this time. I promise.

There are a number of findings in this study but they were basically saying that firstborns are likely to be slightly more intelligent than their younger siblings but they tend to think they are much smarter than they actually are or certainly much more than the IQ difference suggests, while the younger siblings are more likely to end up gay. Take from it what you will but I’d say, to all the firstborns among us, remember you’re not actually that much smarter than your seemingly idiotic younger brother/sister(s) – but take comfort in the fact that you are smarter – and to those of you secondborns out there wondering if you are gay, you probably are, but it’s ok – it’s ok to be gay and it’s not something you did, it’s your birth order.

Apologies if you’ve come across it already; I know this fact has been around for months and chances are, a few of us would have known this already. You can read more about it here.

Have a good Friday