PPFF #93: psychopaths

Good morning,
Be it for their analysis of poverty, a novel treatment of malaria, or discovery of neutrino oscillations, Nobel prize winners were announced in the recent couple of weeks. Whilst these people were being recognised for their serious, weighty contributions to the advancement of humanity, a team of researchers at University of Innsbruck were working hard to find that there is a strong correlation between one’s preference for bitter taste and psychopathic or at least antisocial tendencies. It turns out people with particular fondness for bitter tastes (e.g. black coffee, tonic water), are more likely to be aggressive, vain, selfish and sadistic than those without.

Today being Friday, this little factoid should be of particular interest to those who will be out and about; steer clear of those mates or dates who keep ordering gin & tonic, bitters, espresso, grapefruit and/or broccoli.
Stay safe and have a good Friday