PPFF #39: Xmas

Good morning all,

This Friday’s fact was chosen by Paul (not his real name). As unseasonable as it seems, it is actually quite interesting.

“Xmas” is a common abbreviation of “Christmas”.
There’s a misconception that the word Xmas is an attempt to remove any religious connotation from the word “Christmas” (i.e. since Christmas is a compound word made up of two parts ‘Christ’ and ‘Mass’), but in fact it is an old way of writing ‘Christmas’ dating back to the 16th century.

The ‘X’ part comes from ‘Χ’(Greek letter Chi) as in ‘Χριστος’ (Christos). Apparently, Christmas used to be written in shorthand as “Χ-mas” (taking the first one letter from Χριστος) or “Χρ-mas” (taking the first two letters from Χριστος’ as can be seen in the labarum of Roman emperor Constantine the Great)

Hope you all enjoyed that.
Happy xpmas and Friday!